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About Us

Welcome to Nariophotos.

The Nariophotos site was started 10+ years ago to consolidate a total of almost 100 individual photo sites. It was an online experiment, a family photo album, a living archive,  chronology and art showcase. At 20,000+ images here, it is still growing (50,000 off line). Family and friends still come here to watch pics of the kids (who are now having kidsof their own) we also have a growing number of fans (5,000 and counting in our facebook page) as well as clients coming here for images.  If you like what you see, let us know. We now have an Art Print Store here and at etsy. And most photos you BROWSE here can also be purchased.
The studio work and business end (processing and printing ) to date is still done away from this site - but starting with Art Prints we're using the Cart and the labs included here.  Contact me for multiple print discounts, coupons and bulk sale.

I periodically revisit the decision to separate the family from the professional side. 

I started taking photos with a Duoflex II box camera my dad ( who always had a camera) gave me when I turned 10. Over the years, my cameras and I have changed a great deal but I haven't stopped taking photos yet. In fact I'm taking more photos now than ever before. Not sure if it's become my passion or my therapy. My other passions include water bodies and computers (not together). As well as family, kids, friends, wildlife, trucks, offroading, target-shooting, and much of what life has to offer. Imagination is more important than knowledge said one of my heroes.

Besides shooting on location, we also a studio (for custom shoots). Busy cataloguing images I'm also tweaking the look-and-feel. ( How do you make thousands of viewable images easily viewable? )

Explore the site, and if the mood strikes you, do leave me comments here or in our facebook sister site. I love hearing from people. (there are comment boxes under each photo). Talking about sister sites, then there's etsy

To contact us is best via email (use the contact form in the menu), via the facebook sister site nariophotoscom or by phone (401-626-4673). Availability is a challenge, so do it as far in advance as possible.


Nariophotos: Photos by Nario: Featuring the Photography by Jorge E. Nario and related photographers. Portraits and Landscape photos around the world, in color and in b&w, many geotagged to display in a globe world map including google maps - images added daily site updated weekly.Copyright © 2008-2013 by Jorge E. Nario - All Rights Reserved. To display images obtain permission from nario.com enterprises.
Please scroll down to learn more about us including how to get a hold of us.
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